Four Tech Tools That Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Capture a 90-second video explaining your company or idea. Make sure you submit so on, as people will be able to view and vote for their favorite videos through the month of May. All through this calendar year, visit one of over 4,500 locally owned and managed UPS Store locations, to locate tools and resources to support your expanding business.
Additionally, it has 4.5-inch touch display to tap and swipe through more than a thousand programs at the Google Play store.
It goes on the market in May.

In the end, in celebration of National Small Business Week, The UPS Store has been saluting smallbusiness people having its first national”Pitch Away” contest. Small business owners and startups can compete for a chance to win $10,000 by submitting a business pitch to
To help celebrate this week, Marc Saltzman, industry technology expert, has partnered with (Click here to see video ) And four brands that have the tech tools and services to help small companies grow by boosting productivity at any office or on the go.

Fifty-four decades ago, President John F. Kennedy signed to effect a proclamation that created per week to celebrate the gifts of small U.S. organizations. Every president since that time has continued the convention.
First up, freedom. BlackBerry comes with the BlackBerry KEYone, an award-winning smartphone which fuses the functionality and security you’d expect in the BlackBerry with the flexibility and familiarity of Android 7.1 Nougat. This BlackBerry KEYone is created for the smartphone offering a reimagined Smart Computer keyboard with builtin fingerprint detector , up to 26 hours of mixed-use battery lifetime, and unique advantage and privacy features in what’s being billed as the world’s most secure Android smartphone.
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More than half of most Americans either work or own with a little business, and so they make about two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. annually.
To help keep your data secure on the move, Kingston has a pair of encrypted USB flash drive solutions. With all the DataTraveler 2000, then no one can see what’s stored on the driveway without even knowing the PIN that you type on the alpha numeric keypad. The hardware-based encryption resides over the USB 3.0 drive itself — maybe not on the host computer. And there’s the DataTraveler Vault Privacy drive, which you access via password instead of keypad. Acquire the password times plus it is going to reformat and wipe it clean, only incase you lose it.

Next upward, regardless of industry you’re in, you need a trusted inkjet printer to work faster, smarter, and much more cost efficiently. The Canon MAXIFY MB5420 Wireless allinone Printer enables small enterprises with a high-speed, high quality, and cost effective printer, scanner and copier. You’ll see crisp prints, such as customer bills and legal- size documents, together with features like duplex scanning, integrated wi fi, service to get a Canon app, and much more. And the Canon MAXIFY MB5420 is backed by a U.S.-based customer support and support center.

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